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There are now at least 780 cannabis strains in the world, and the interest in knowing which is the strongest marijuana in the world is quite popular.

In 1976 the average THC in cannabis was 0.72%, in 2003 that number rose to 6.4%. This constant search for the most potent cannabis is only possible due to improved cultivation techniques. Among them, there is the cross between two species in order to achieve more THC in the final product. In terms of THC, we brought you a list of the 3 strongest strains in the world today.

Irish Cream

Third, comes Irish Cream, with 27% THC. This strain was created by Mighty Irish Seeds and is a cross between Cookies and Cream and Real McCoy. This strain has medicinal functions, such as helping to treat chronic pain, depression and anxiety, for example. In addition, it produces effects analogous to sedatives, so this strain is a great choice for insomnia sufferers.


Bud da strain ChemdawgSecond, we brought Chemdwag, with 32.13% THC. This species was produced by Next Harvest, and is a hybrid of Nepalse and Thai sativa. Its most notorious effect is the creative process enhancer.

Godfather OG

bud da strain godfather OGFinally, first as the strongest marijuana in the world today, we have Godfather OG, with 34% THC. This is a variant of the Granddaddy Purps, Cherry Pie and OG Kush hybrid. In addition, this strain won the Cannabis Cup award for best indica by the High Times. Users tend to feel calm and happy, as well as euphoric effects on the mind and body. Finally, the consumer may experience strong relaxation or even complete immobilization.

Having said all that, it is worth thinking about what characterizes a strong strain. Is it just the amount of THC or the other cannabinoids also interfering with this? This is what we will discuss below.


Among the cannabinoids contained in cannabis is THCA, a precursor molecule of THC, found only in the raw plant. This compound does not have psychoactive principles, however, it is full of medicinal functions. It can be used to treat diseases such as epilepsy, as it acts as a neuroprotective, preventing neurons from arousing each other on a large scale. By doing this, it prevents the convulsions and spasms typical of those who suffer from this disease. It is also possible to see its effects against nausea and as an anti-inflammatory, as well as THC and CBD. What is not known is whether this effect is a result of THCA alone or the interaction of different cannabinoids. Studies on the issue are still needed to confirm this hypothesis.

Although THCA does not have psychoactive effects, it is possible to convert it into THC through the oxidation of the molecule, which occurs in the drying of buds. Heating the herb also turns THCA into THC, which is why marijuana is consumed through vaporization or smoke. It is estimated that 90% of the THC of a freshly harvested plant is in the form of THCA, therefore, to consume this substance just ingest raw cannabis.

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