The Napkin Technique

This is the technique with which I germinate my marijuana seeds the first two years. I’m not saying it’s the best but I like it for its simplicity and how easy it is to find the materials. Although I now recommend using jiffy, I firmly believe that with this technique very high germination rates can be achieved with little effort. Let’s quickly review some advantages and some disadvantages before going into the matter:


1) It is very easy:

This technique requires little work.

2) The germination rate is very high:

If you do it right and you have the right cannabis seed (see: 5 factors that you must take into account when choosing your first marijuana seed ) the risk of failure is less than 2%.

3) Materials available:

This is perhaps the main advantage. You can get the materials to germinate cannabis seeds with this technique in your home. You don’t have to go out, long live laziness!

4) The seeds are protected:

With this technique your cannabis seeds are very little exposed to risks in the environment. Fewer risks = higher germination rate.

The Napkin Technique


1) The transplant can be traumatic:

The main disadvantage of this technique is that as the root appears, it can become entangled in the napkin. This condition, along with having to move or transplant it with your hands, can pose a risk to your precious cannabis seed.

2) You must be aware of the water:

In our introductory post on germination  (see: What should you know before germinating your first Cannabis seed?) We explain how important water is in germination. If you leave your seeds without water for one day, the next day they may no longer survive. With this technique you should check every day that the napkins are wet and that your marijuana seeds have access to water. If you are going to use this technique I recommend that you have a good memory or that you have a good method to remind yourself to check your seeds.

Now if we start with the step by step

I already forgot if I mentioned it before but the success of this technique depends 100% on not allowing the napkins, and therefore your cannabis seeds, to dry. I repeat? I would do it a thousand times to avoid having the frustrated face that I had when a couple died of that neglect.

Step 1:

Put one of the napkins (I like to use Scott Kitchen) on top of one of the plates. Moisten with tap water (if the tap water is too impure, do it with boiled water that you have allowed to cool) without the napkin being soaked (too wet). It should be enough so that it is all wet but not so much that it is watered.

Step 2:

If you are going to germinate cannabis seeds of different varieties at the same time, remember to put a label that reminds you which seed is which. Obviously I know, but it happened to me :). Leave as much space as possible between seed and seed and put them on the previously wet napkin.

Step 3:

Dampen the second napkin (it may be a little less damp than the first one or you can just fold the first one) and enclose your cannabis seed. Put the other plate on top, covering the entire napkin and leave it for 3 to 10 days until the seed germinates.

Step 4:

Once the cannabis seed has germinated and you can see the body of it, grab it gently by the body and transfer it to the substrate or medium where you are going to plant it. This process must be done with great care since the seedling is in a fragile moment. This should be half a centimeter submerged and with the root pointing down. Do not kill your head if this does not happen, the seed detects gravity and knows where to turn.

It is done! If you see how easy it is? Now go to  our store, choose your seed and start germinating.

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