Types of marijuana seeds

There are many types of marijuana seeds in the world, however, we must know the main ones in order to firstly know their genetics and secondly, to know their essential traits, which will allow us to grow them better, adapting to it and not adapting the plant to us.

Therefore, we must classify the types of seeds that exist, with three main ones: autoflowering, feminized and regular.

Every farmer wants to have a great harvest, it is something of common sense. Since man began to cultivate, he always had in mind to maximize production, since it is probable that there were years in which storms made production scarce. Hence the need to have large harvests, in order to mitigate the effects of the bad ones and thus not suffer famines.

However, over the years, centuries and millennia once this objective was met, that is, not to starve, the human being decided to maximize production in order to achieve greater economic benefit. Currently, the marijuana grower must put all his efforts into making his harvest profitable, that is, so that the marijuana that he is going to use for his own consumption does not cost him.

However, this is not an easy task since there are many factors to attend to in order to have a good harvest, it is not something simple. As it is not something simple, especially for beginners, in addition to doubling our efforts we must use all possible help, since all help will be little and our best ally will be the seeds.

There are different types of marijuana seeds that maximize production, but first you must know what types of seeds exist so that you can choose wisely.

Types of marijuana seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds

Surely, you have heard of feminized marijuana seeds, that is, those seeds that only produce female plants. Normally, a normal plant can be either male or female, but the development of sex will be determined by its genetics.

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Feminized have their origin in the nineties

In the 90s the production of feminized seeds was not of great quality and the plants were not very stable, their genetics. However, over the years the quality has been greatly increased both by experience and by discoveries in the field of genetics. In fact, they have taken over almost the entire market, it should be noted that feminized ones have made the regular ones now take up a tiny market share.

The advantages are evident since 100% of the harvest will be female. That is, you will not have a problem with the seeds. However, the problems are obvious, since you will not be able to make seeds. Of course, when producing only females you will not have to discard any plants since there will be no males.

When we speak of feminized seeds, we are referring to those that have been manipulated so that they do not produce male specimens. Male gametes, if they occur in our plantation, can cause serious mishaps if we do not intend to obtain marijuana seeds. That is, if our goal is that of every grower, obtain marijuana for self-consumption.

For this reason, it is important to have the trust of laboratories or feminized seed products that are endorsed by experience, such as the Sensi Seeds bank or professional seeds. This brand has been working for several years in the market for what It has a solid and seamless reputation. It is also the case of prominent seed brands such as Dinafem.

Feminized seeds are the favorite choice of marijuana growers or growers. You just have to take a little look at the market shares, obtaining or monopolizing almost 90% of it. And it is for an obvious reason, we will not have to worry about almost anything with them.

One of the new farmer’s biggest concerns is the fact that he knows that only a male plant exists that can ruin his harvest. And it is that the plant world is very different from the animal, since a male can pollinate many females. In addition, unless we eliminate the male plant this is impossible to avoid since there are multiple factors that intervene in pollination, be it the wind itself or insects such as bees.

For this reason, the most common thing is that the grower opts for feminized seeds. They are simple solutions to problems that are difficult to solve. In addition, another advantage they present is the fact that you will never have to sex the plants again. Sexing plants can seem a bit funny and entertaining when you do it once, but if you have more than 10 plants it is a real nuisance.

We must not forget that marijuana plants require a lot of care, so if we can save ourselves certain steps, better than better. We will also save ourselves the effort of eliminating a male, because if it is true that if you like cultivation you will not like the feeling of eliminating one of your plants at all. Your plants, after all, are one more way of life that nature has given us and it is not pleasant to destroy something so beautiful.

Feminized are obtained by making a female plant produce male flowers due to a specially designed treatment. This produces that the plant is hermaphrodite which will make the descendants only female. As you can see, although it seems complex, the technique is really simple. Of course, they cannot be put up for sale immediately, but the process is sophisticated in order for genetics to be stable.

He thinks that if it gives rise to a male it can end up ruining entire crops, so it is advisable to act with some caution before putting them into circulation.

Being marijuana a dioecious plant can present both sexes, if you want to know more about this, you can consult our article on hermaphroditism in marijuana plants.

This possibility is eliminated thanks to the feminized ones, since we will only obtain female specimens. This allows you to know exactly the number of plants you are going to grow since you will not lose male plants since they never exist.

For example, if 10 seeds germinate you will know that at the end of the harvest you will cut 10 plants. You will not have surprises to start with 20 and end with 10, for example. This degree of certainty is very useful as it saves us both time and money. Time because we will not waste it feeding and caring for a specimen that will later become male and money because we will focus the care, that is, the light, the water and the substrate, on the plants that are truly going to be productive for us.

In addition, you have to take into account that females, as a general rule, are of better quality than males since they have better smells and flavors. Therefore, focusing your efforts on females will allow you to obtain better results. It is not only a matter of time and money, it is also of quality.

In addition, when buying this type of variety, go to the best banks, such as Barney’s Farm. Do not let the product be of poor quality to save a few euros, since you may even find that they are not even feminized seeds.

For all these reasons, we believe that this type of variety is one of the most attractive for those who are just starting out. They are also for those expert growers who want to save sexing plants and above all who want to obtain a quality crop free of males, who always hinder the cultivation process and lower the average quality of the plantation.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds

These types of plants are very popular due to the rapid growth, they are also relatively easy to grow. The first thing you should know is that this type of cannabis plant has very short times, which makes it ideal for the impatient.

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However, this difference in cultivation times causes that the type of cultivation is specific and that the general does not work. These plants come from Eastern Europe and certain places in Central Asia. However, we are not facing a sativa or indica variety but it is its own species.

The main characteristic is the fact of giving crops in a simple way, having a very good quality, especially considering that the growth rate is dizzying. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, but they have a great advantage indoors, as they are short plants, which gives you great discretion. Despite the fact that in your country it is perfectly possible that cultivation is legal this does not usually please the neighbors who do not stop until they get you to stop cultivating, so discretion is a very good option.

However, although the height inside is low outdoors, it is not so low which is an advantage when it comes to achieving high production. And best of all, this plant is not subject to photoperiod although you may be wondering what this means.

It is convenient to define what the photoperiod is. The photoperiod is the ratio of hours of light and shade received by the plant in a 24-hour period. Normally, in the sativa and indica varieties it is very relevant to determine the periods of vegetative growth and those of flowering. However, in the automatic ones (in the autoflowering ones, which also receive this name) the growth is reduced from 15 to 30 days. For all these reasons, the process that leads to its pollination occurs very quickly.

If you opt for this type of plants you must know this vitally important fact: if they are not cultivated well, they remain small, very small. This is because the vegetative growth period is so short, you have to know how to make the most of it.

Automatic or autoflowering plants are born in 2008

Once the feminized ones had conquered the market in 2008, the automatic or autoflowering ones arrived, that is, the variety that grows vertiginously and blooms is a very small space of time. They are ideal for novice growers since they do not require so much care and are currently of high quality.

The three advantages of autoflowering plants

They are easy seeds to grow either indoors or outdoors. This is because there is no need to worry about the photoperiod as they do not depend on it. For this reason, it must be borne in mind that we will not waste time adjusting the photoperiod to the different periods of vegetative growth.

Also, they are very manageable because they are smaller. That if they are smaller, the quality is not lower. Automatic plants are very discreet so they are ideal for growing on terraces. In this way, you will not lose space within your home, which taking into account that the city floors are not very large is an ideal option. And another advantage is discretion since you will not have neighbors bothering you and telling you to stop cultivating.

The main advantage is that they are fast, so you will have several harvests a year. In just two months or two and a half months you will be able to harvest, not like in the normal plants that a whole season must go through.

However, not all are advantages since the production of this type of plants is lower.

Regular marijuana seeds

First of all, keep in mind that cannabis is not a new plant, it emerged thousands of years ago and has also been known for a long time. In fact, there are many cultures that have used it, for different purposes, yes, hence the popularity of regular seeds.

This plant originally comes from what you know today as China, so the focus of expansion occurred from this country. However, China has a series of peculiar characteristics, so when the expansion took place it was necessary for the plant to adapt to the new characteristics of the climate, the substrate and the fauna and flora of its new ecosystems. For this reason and especially due to crossings with other plants, new genetics emerged, which resulted in the creation of regional cannabis.

Regular marijuana is one that contains genes from different areas of planet Earth. However, it must be borne in mind that although they share the genotype they can be very different between the different types. And from these differences growers can benefit as we can obtain the most stable characteristics of a given variety.

The advantages of regular seeds

  • At the time of reproduction the regulars allow the plants to reproduce by creating seeds with males and females that appear in a batch of regulars.
  • You can have mother plants and cuttings thereof.
  • They can be done at home.

The nature of cannabis is respected, since it is not normal for all plants to be female.

The main disadvantage is that productivity is very limited since there is no effective control over the sex of the plants. Unlike the feminized ones in the regular ones, you have no record of whether your plant will be male or female. If it turns out that half of your plantation is male, you should lose half of the harvest. As you can see this is a big problem.

But as we have pointed out, regular seeds allow us to conserve and discover new characteristics of the plant. For example, if you find a very resinous variety, it will most certainly be worth it to keep that genetics that has allowed you to obtain such a quantity of resin.

But the main reason to grow regular seeds is to obtain feminized seeds. As we have seen, feminized seeds have great advantages, the main one being to avoid the appearance of males, which was the main problem of regular seeds.

Regarding the suitability of the crop, it should be noted that choosing one strain or another will depend on the area. For this reason, you must be very careful when choosing.

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