How to germinate Marijuana seeds

To germinate  marijuana seeds easily does not take much effort or knowledge, as it is a fairly easy process. Surely you are eager to already have a plant of 2 meters, but calm, it is not something that will be achieved in two days. This is a simple process but you have to do it well, since it will depend on whether your marijuana seeds germinate or die trying.

Marijuana is increasingly seen in our country, which is why more and more people are opting for marijuana self-cultivation. This is the best way for you to enjoy a quality herb than to know that it has been cultivated with care and affection.

If you are eager to know how to germinate marijuana seeds easily, let’s not wait any longer. If you have any questions or advice, put a comment on this post, it doesn’t cost anything!

Guide to germinate marijuana seeds

Guide to germinate marijuana seeds

There are different ways to germinate marijuana seeds, but in this post we are going to explain the three most common and easy techniques: with a napkin, a jiffy or with a pot.

How to sprout marijuana seeds with a napkin

This is the easiest and cheapest way to germinate marijuana seeds.

The necessary materials are:

  • Marijuana seeds
  • A tupper or a plate
  • Water
  • Kitchen paper
  • Foil
  • Pot with soil (Maximum 1⁄2 liter)
  • Latex gloves (recommended, as it is the safest way to avoid spreading diseases, fungi or viruses).

Prepare everything before starting to germinate your seeds, try not to rush if you do not have all the necessary material, for waiting a day nothing happens!

Step 1

Soak 7 or 8 napkins of absorbent kitchen paper napkins and wring them out to be moist, but not soggy. Then place them in the tupper or on the plate as if you were making a small seed bed.

Step 2

Place the marijuana seeds on the damp kitchen paper. Do not place them very close to each other as when the root begins to emerge they could become entangled between them.

Step 3

Once step 2 is done, it’s time to cover the seeds. For this you can soak 3 or 4 absorbent paper napkins, drain it and place it covering the seeds.

Step 4

Close the tupper with aluminum foil and cover it completely so that it does not give it light and the kitchen paper does not dry.

This step is key so that the marijuana seeds can germinate in the best possible way. This step is not usually done by those who are just starting to grow marijuana, so if you want to germinate marijuana seeds like an expert, this step is essential.

Step 5

We already have our tupper ready with the seeds germinating, the next step is to keep the seeds in a good environment so that they can germinate in the best possible way.

To germinate marijuana seeds you must maintain a temperature between 18o and 25oC. This may seem difficult to achieve in winter, but from our cannabis seeds website we recommend placing the tupper near a heat source such as a rooter, a computer or under a lamp. Do not use thermal blankets or sources of high heat as it could be harmful to your seeds.

Step 6

After 24 hours, the root (arugula) should be visible. Once this root measures between 1 and 1.5 centimeters, it is time to move on to the next step. Be very careful since this process is something

delicate, so we recommend using latex gloves or plastic tweezers to avoid any problem in the seed.

Step 7

It is time to take the last step, finally! Take a pot of soil and water it. Then you have to make a small hole from the depth of the pot (about 1 centimeter) and place the seed with the root down, covering it with a little soil, about half a centimeter or a centimeter.

And that’s all, you only have to put it in the sun or under a spotlight and your plant will start to grow without stopping.

How to sprout marijuana seeds with a jiffy

A Jiffy is a germination medium widely used to germinate marijuana seeds. This germination medium is very easy to use and can be used as a seedbed or to clone cuttings.

The necessary materials are:

  • Jiffy
  • Water
  • plate
  • A seed by Jiffy

You can see that to germinate marijuana seeds in a jiffy it doesn’t take many materials. Remember to prepare everything before starting germination, you will see that this mode of germination is very fast.

Step 1

Place the jiffy on the plate and add water to make the jiffy swell. Once your jiffy has grown and swollen you will have to squeeze it a little with your hand so that the excess water runs off.

Step 2

Make a small hole about 2 centimeters in the jiffy’s surface with a pencil or ballpoint pen. Insert the seed and then cover it with the jiffy’s own soil but without pressing.

Step 3

Place the jiffy in a place with a temperature between 18 and 25oC (you can see how to do it in step 5 of how to germinate the seeds with a napkin, you can take a look above).

Step 4

Don’t let the jiffy dry completely. Keep your jiffys moist until the first two leaves or the first side branches sprout, this will be the ideal time to transplant your seed into a pot.

Remember that in this germination method you only have to place the jiffy inside the pot with soil, so you will avoid manipulating the seed.

Germinate directly in the pot

This method is the least recommended since it is more difficult than germination with good results. If you still want to germinate your marijuana seeds directly in the ground, then you

We explain step by step how to do it.

The necessary materials are:

  • Flower pot
  • Soil or substrate
  • Seeds

The steps to follow in soil germination are very simple, as well as getting the necessary materials for it.

Step 1

Take a 0.2-0.4 liter pot and add dirt or coconut (1/4 of what is usually used in the growth stage). Then press it gently with your hand.

Step 2

Prepare the water (adjust the pH of the water between 6.2 and 6.5) and water to moisten the substrate.

Step 3

Make a small hole about 2 centimeters and insert the seed once the water has been moistened.

Advantages and disadvantages of germinating seeds in jiffy, napkin or pot

Germinate with napkins


  • It is an easy material to buy and cheap
  • You can see how the germination is going, since if you lift the paper you can see if the root has come out.
  • You know exactly where each seed is.
  • The absorbent kitchen paper keeps moisture very well and does not stick to the seed or root.


  • Manipulating the seed with your hands or forceps may cause the root to break or be damaged.

Germinate with Jiffys


  • Do not manipulate the root with your hands.
  • You always know where the seed is.
  • The germination rate is high.
  • There is no risk when transplanting the seed.


  • Jiffy is more difficult to buy.
  • You can’t keep track of the seed.
  • If you do not drain it well there will be too much moisture and the seed will not perspire well.

Germinate in pot


  • The seed is hardly manipulated.


  • Low breathability if humidity is excessive.
  • We cannot observe how the germination of the seed is going.
  • We lose the bank guarantee due to possible pathogens in the land.

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