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Legal cannabis, also called  light cannabis, is a variant of the Hemp species, very similar in appearance to marijuana, but without any doping effect. Thanks to this property, in Italy since 2016 it has been possible to buy it freely, and for this reason today we will explain how to smoke cannabis, both with the most classic methods, but also with some more alternative and healthy ones.

Not everyone knows, in fact, that there are many ways to smoke this plant, some of which are very ancient, and others that have instead followed more recent fashions. Finally, still others have been able to bring new great beneficial effects to the sector, thanks to the technological innovation that has been able to make the most of its most important active ingredients. In fact, legal cannabis contains a high percentage of  CBD, a cannabinoid that has been shown to have analgesic, stimulating and relaxing properties, depending on the  genetic variety, i.e. the various types of weed.

Thanks to the first genetic studies of the 1960s on hemp, the peculiarities of its cannabinoids were discovered. Particularities that also interested the world of medicine, and specifically pain therapy. Despite these scientific discoveries, the real success of cannabis was due more to its recreational use and the social models that represented it. And this prompted several nations to legalize its consumption, self-production and sale.

It was a matter of time that even the technology adapted to the times and found a way to be able to take the active ingredients in a pure way, without the contraindications of combustion. In fact, it was discovered that through the vaporization of the inflorescences you could inhale its fumes and enjoy the effects of cannabis without affecting the health of the lungs, so the perfect method for smoking marijuana in a healthy way came to light (especially for patients who use medical cannabis).

Cannabis light: how do you smoke?

The first evidence of the use of cannabis for medical, spiritual and recreational purposes dates back to about 5000 years ago, in Central Asia. The peoples of those places had adopted agriculture as a means of livelihood for about 5,000 years, and it was on this occasion that cannabis demonstrated its beneficial and playful effects.

It is no coincidence that an ancient Chinese treatise on pharmacology (dated 2737 BC) was found which listed the healing properties of this substance, or that traces of its recreational and spiritual use are found in some passages of some sacred Hindu texts. Two demonstrations, among many, that allow us to understand how ancient the use of this product was, and how cannabis has survived the centuries and millennia unscathed, reaching us with great satisfaction!

Ancient techniques

In general in antiquity, as the ancient Greeks also confirmed, cannabis was eaten (especially the seeds, which have a certain protein content) or the fumes were inhaled with very elementary techniques.

Some writings of the Greek historian Herodotus tell us of some populations of the Mediterranean islands who threw the inflorescences on the fire and then ” sitting around in a circle, inhale and are intoxicated by the smell, just like the Greeks with wine, and the more they throw more they become intoxicated, until they get up and dance and sing ”.

On the other side of the globe, on the other hand, in different but always ancient times, the indigenous Americans could smoke weed thanks to some rudimentary pipes, always through the direct combustion of the substance. Even the famous “smoking cane” was one of the first methods of taking ganja, but perhaps also the least used given the limited availability of paper or substitutes such as Turkish wheat leaves (which today are very popular).

Modern techniques

So far, some historical references on the first, rudimentary ways to smoke cannabis. Instead, we come to our times or, in any case, to the most modern techniques, some of which are still in widespread use, albeit with some more contemporary “innovations”.

In particular, by modern techniques we mean the ways to smoke that have been “invented” in the last 200 years or so, or in the period in which cannabis has begun to become more famous, but also more strongly prohibited and fought.

Among these techniques we find those that are the most widespread today, such as the joint, the bong, the cilum, the pipe, the hookah and the vaporizer. We have tried to separate all these modern techniques by dedicating specific paragraphs, which we advise you to read in order to know more about the ways in which you can “taste” these products!


The joint, otherwise known as the “joint”, is the most popular method for smoking. In fact, rolling a joint is quite simple and inexpensive to enjoy cannabis. All you need are long papers and paper filters, which have a very low cost and can be easily found in any shop, even online. To make the task easier, it is advisable to use a grinder, i.e. a tobacco grinder that will make your weed easier to roll. Unfortunately, it is equally common for some cannabis users to add tobacco to their joints, given the high cost of black market products. However, this is not a particularly advisable method, considering that in this way you are deprived of the possibility of savoring the real aroma of the herb and, then,

Now, as this is the cheapest and most common method, we feel compelled to give a brief explanation on how to best smoke a joint, especially for newcomers who are reading us.

Smoking a joint is like smoking a cigarette! You must first inhale the smoke and then catalyze it well in the lungs, allowing the alveoli to absorb the active ingredients and put them back into the blood.

Unlike a cigarette, which is constantly self-igniting, the joint needs continuous aspiration if it is to be kept on. Furthermore, you have to be careful of the wind, which could cause the rod to burn unevenly, thus creating the famous “spoon”, that is the situation where the joint is consumed only on one side, leaving the other intact. 

You will probably now have some doubts about how to roll a joint, a task that at first glance might seem daunting for newcomers to the cannabis world. If you do a Google search, you will certainly find that the internet is full of guides on how to make a joint, and almost all of them suggest using your hands to roll it, although surely this is the method that will take you the most time to learn and practice yourself.

For this reason, newbies are often advised to purchase a king size rolling machine, being an extremely simple and intuitive tool, but above all quick in the production of your joint. But if you want to stay on the classic and venture into the world of rolling, then don’t hesitate to consult our guide to learn how to  roll a joint perfectly !

If, on the other hand, you are wondering how to smoke without rolling papers, then we invite you to continue reading, because all the subsequent methods described do not involve their use.

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